Variations of Casino Blackjack Rules

When speaking about the casino blackjack rules, it should be stated that they are similar for every type of blackjack, but there might be slight differences from one casino to another, from one blackjack table to another. So, what are the ways to diversify the game? First of all, you can use various number of card decks, but leave all other conditions just the same. The general rule for the quantity of decks is the following: the fewer decks are used, the better playing conditions are for the gambler.

Also, you can add some changes to the dealer’s rules to make the game more difficult, and as a result – more exciting and unpredictable! For, example, you can allow the dealer to hit, when he/she has a soft 17. This rule will give the dealer a possibility to improve. Yes, it’s a disadvantage for the player, but difficult game can make a better player of you. There’s a popular rule on cruise ships – no dealer hole card, when the dealer doesn’t take his second card until the player has played. This rule is also a disadvantage to the gambler, as he can lose the splits and doubles. If you are afraid to lose the money, you can play for fun by using the free casino blackjack games. There are rules that are beneficial for the player, and make the game simpler for them. You can allow doubling down when there are splitting pairs. Also, you can permit to re-split the Aces.