How Much Money Does a Blackjack Professional Player Earn?

Millions of players today really adore blackjack. They play this game for many hours. However there are not many gamblers, which can be named the real professionals, who are skillful and experienced enough to earn money with blackjack gambling. But how much money can you earn with blackjack? Blackjack professional players in most cases give most of their efforts to card counting. And the approximate advantage of card counting is something about 1.5%, or even more, if Fortune is at the player’s side. This means that for every hundred of dollars invested, the player receives at least $1.50 from every game, or about 20$ per hour.

If you plan to make money with blackjack games, you should keep in mind that there are many factors that influence the game. The first important factor is the place for gambling. Online casinos don’t provide as big prizes as land-based casinos do. But gambling websites are much safer than overcrowded traditional casinos. The next factor is the blackjack system implemented while gambling. Every professional player spends days or even weeks to develop a personal winning strategy. Then it’ll take much time to perfect that system. So, be careful when selecting a method for gambling. The chances to win depend upon the rules and variation of the blackjack game. You should find a casino with fewer advantages to the dealer and more beneficial rules for the players. Finally, you should remember that experience is the most essential thing, if you want to be a successful gambler.