Games with a Live Blackjack Dealer

Online games with live blackjack dealer are one of the most popular games nowadays. In fact, there is no difference between traditional blackjack games at a land casino and online games with live blackjack. The online game provides gamblers with the opportunity to compete against a real live dealer. Such game is going according to the rules, which are absolutely similar to the rules of standard game. Online game with a real blackjack dealer has some pluses and minuses. First, let’s pay attention to the advantages. Convenience is the main plus point of online blackjack – you can play in the comfort of home atmosphere. The next advantage is that you are not dealing with RNG, random number generator. The possibility to interact with other players and the dealer is another great feature of online live blackjack. Playing with real people is much more pleasant than competing with software. Excellent graphics and video stream also can be added to the list of pluses of online live gambling.

Still there are some disadvantages. Live online games are much slower than software-based online games, because manual shuffling and interaction take some time. Of course, live game is not for players, who have slow internet speed and unstable web connection. All in all, it’s clear that live blackjack is a great solution for persons who need socializing, and do not need fast game playing. However, gamblers with poor internet won’t be able to enjoy live games, but they can try to decrease the quality of graphics in settings.