Blackjack Tips for Different Types of Hands

Here you will find some casino online blackjack tips for different types of hands. Let’s start with hard hands. The hard hand is a combination of cards, which doesn’t have any Aces, or it includes the Ace valued as “one”. You should hit against any dealer’s face-up card, if you have 5, 6, 7 or 8. You should double, if you have 9, 10 or 11. For hands between 12 to 16, you should hit. And you should always stand for your hands, which are between 17 and 21.

Now, when you know the basic tips for playing the hard hands, let’s study the rules for the soft hands. So, what hands are called soft? They are the hands with an Ace, which is accepted as “eleven”. For soft hands, which have value of 13, 14 or 15, the player should hit. If you have the soft 16 or 17, you must double, if your dealer has 2 through 6, and you should hit for other dealer’s cards. For the soft 18 you should stand, if the dealer has a hand valued 2 through 6; you should stand if the dealer has 7 or 8, and always hit against an Ace, 9 or 10. Here are some rules for splits. You should always split 8 and Aces. If you do not want to lose your blackjack chips, you should never split 10, 4 or 5. And the final advice is this – you should always stop playing as soon as you reach your budget limit.