Advantage of Blackjack Cards Counting

In this article there are the answers to several basic questions of beginners about the counting blackjack cards. So, what is card counting? First of all, card counting is a way to track the relation between the high-valued cars, which are advantageous for the player, and the low-valued cards, which are advantageous for the dealer. So, why are the low-valued cards advantageous to the dealer? The dealer must follow certain strict rules related to hitting – the dealer must always hit, if he/she has less than “seventeen”. The most important card for the dealer in the blackjack is “five”, as it would make at least “seventeen” out of every stiff hand. With card counting we can find out how many high and low cards are left in the “Shoe”, and thus we will be able to make the right decision and increase the chances to win.

How large is the advantage given by blackjack cards counting? Overall, it’s approximately the one percent advantage, but on some hands it can be as large as three or four percent. Also it depends on the rules and type of the game. Counting will not guarantee victory for the player on every hand. But the player will be capable to win on average – with nearly a half of all the hands. The dealer has just the same chances to count cards and win, but the dealer is not allowed to double or split. The dealer only receives even money on the “blackjack” – this is the player’s basic edge.