Rules of Blackjack – General Overview

Here one could find information about the basics of casino blackjack rules and some tips for beginners. The rules of blackjack are easy to master. The primary goal in the blackjack game is to get the cards with total value close to 21, but not more than 21. That’s why this game is often referred to as the “twenty one”. You can get 21 by summing up the values of your cards. The player competes not against the other bettors at the table, but against the bank, which is often called the casino, or the dealer. To win you should beat the casino. You’ll bust, if your cards sum up to more than twenty one points, and in this case you’ll lose automatically. Then the winner is the one, who has a hand closest to the total of 21. The quantity of people at the blackjack table is about six. Several decks of cards are used at the table. All the decks are shuffled together, and then the dealer put the cards into the “Shoe” – the card dispensing box. Get the best gambling online welcome bonuses and free site reviews from For bingo games visit best bingo sites available online.

Before drawing any cards the gamblers need to place their bets. Then each player at the table is given two face up cards. The dealer receives one up card and one card with the face down. Then every turn the player may either stay or draw additional cards trying to reach 21 without busting. When each player is done, the dealer should turn up the face down card. There are certain rules for the blackjack dealer – when dealer’s hand counts of 17 or something higher, he must stay; if his hand counts of 16 or something lower than that, he should draw more cards. If you get twenty one points with your first two cards, you win automatically. Twenty-one can be comprised of a “ten” and an Ace, or a face card and an Ace. This combination is named “blackjack”. If you and the dealer both get this winning combination at the same game, it will be a Push, or a Stand-off, or a Tie.

In the blackjack professional game on wsop there are many different betting options, which are named Surrender, Insurance, Split, Double Down and Even Money. Insurance is allowed, only if the dealer’s open card turns up to be an Ace. To surrender means that you give up your hand, as a result you lose only the half of the bet. Double Down means this: the player doubles his/her initial bet. Most online casinos allow players to make this action on any two cards, whereas some casinos allow to double down only after the split, and some online blackjack casinos allow doubling down only for hands valued ten or eleven. There is a special condition: if you double down, you ought to take the additional card and you cannot take more than one card. Even Money means cashing in the bet at once at the 1:1 ratio, when the dealer’s face up card is one of the Aces and the player has natural blackjack. In order to check your progress you can try your luck at Paddy Power online casino and enjoy the game there.

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